Basic Question & Answer, and top tips to crack your Interview. 

Top 5 Interview tips for freshers. If you are a fresher you can agree with me that, interviews are hard to crack. The job market is already saturated and getting jobs as a fresher with no work experience is extremely hard.

Top 5 Interview Tips for freshers

The job market is filled with struggling freshers who are unable to grab jobs, your desired posts are already filled with more experienced people. More than half of college graduates are jobless, about two-thirds of the freshers graduating this year are jobless.

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But worry not, a lasting impression in your interview can definitely land you the job you are looking for. In this article, I will tell you how to crack your Interview with these top 5 interview tips.

Top 5 Interview Tips for Freshers

# 1. Appear and be Confident.

The best way to crack an interview is believing that you will get the job. Appear confident and answer the interviewer’s questions confidently even if you are uncertain about them. The moment you start to doubt yourself or your answers is the moment the interviewer will brand you as indecisive and indeterminate.

Those are not the words you want your interviewer to think of when they see you. The more you appear confident, the more reliable you will seem, and that exactly is the characteristic interviewer is looking for.

This basic interview trick can do wonders for your job placement. Make them see you can take charge and lead, show off your best assets and get the role you are wishing for. This top tip for an interview will definitely raise your desirability.


#2. Dress to Impress

Appearance does tend to matter when you go for an interview, an employer is most likely to chose a formally dressed person over a shabbily dressed one. If you appear sophisticated and well-educated by your clothes then you are already one step ahead in getting that post.

For men, you should wear a nice ironed shirt and pants to your interviews. If it is an extremely crucial interview then wear a suit jacket above. For women, wear a formal blouse or shirts with pressed pencil skirts or pants. Remember to wear minimum makeup, a lot of employers prefer a simple look for their employees.

This interview tip may come top on cracking the interview for your dream job.


#3. Do background research for the company you are applying for 

It builds a good rapport between the interviewee and interviewer if you know about the company you are applying for. The interviewers are impressed when the interviewee knows about the company and the post they are applying for.

You can find about the company by their website and if you want to go even more beyond then you can research about the company in libraries. In some libraries records on companies could be available. You can also ask around about it, in this age of social media getting to know about the company could be very easy. This might seem like a basic interview tip but it could do wonders in an interview.


#4. Do not argue with the interviewer.

No matter what happens do not be argumentative with your employer. Although it is very important to appear confident and decisive, you do not need to argue with your employer to appear so.

You can make your point in a calm and collective way but arguing that point may make your desirability low in the eyes of the interviewer. Be calm and make your point and if the interviewer doesn’t agree, then let the gracefully let the conversation go. This interview tip will help any extremely passionate and hot-blooded fresher


#5. Common and Basic Interview Questions and Answers for freshers

Q1. Tell us about yourself

When you are asked this question, you have to honestly answer them. They will know if you lie about certain things if you are quizzed on it. So tell them truthfully about your interests and additional skills, that you haven’t mentioned in your CV. Tell them about some anecdote where you have shown particularly good leadership skills. This will help you stand out.

Q2. Why do you want to work with this company?

When asked this question, the interviewer wants to see if you know about the company and the post you are applying for. Do your research and answer what you think the company wants from you. Give facts about the company and tell them how you can see yourself grow with the company.

Q3. Why should we hire you?

When asked this question, again you have to spell out your accomplishments and make them see how beneficial you could be for the company. Make them see how your particular skill set would be needed in the company.


Q4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The company is looking for ambition you are, so when asked this question, you should answer that you would see yourself thriving and moving the cooperate leader in the company itself. Don does not tell them you might be looking for another company in your future, that is not what they want to know.


Q5. What is your expected Salary Package?

Research about the salary package given to the role or post you are applying for beforehand and when asked this question answer something closer to it. Do not ask for either a higher or lower range to the salary package, this might make you seem unaware and clueless about the post you are applying for.


And that is it for the Top 5 Interview Tips for Freshers! I hope this helped some of you in cracking your interviewers and getting your dream jobs.


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Best Interview Tips for fresher 

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