Hello guys, hope you all are well. Looking out for the most excellent free online courses with printable certificates? Well, just go through with the post! Today we will discuss 13 of those course sites that are completely free of cost to take upon. No awful hidden paywalls the hold the certificate as ransom.

Also in this post, you’ll discover online courses for nearly every industry from IT, administrationtradeplan, HR, programming, etc.

13+ free learning sites

13 Best Free Online Courses

  1. LinkedIn Learning (Formerly known as Lynda.com)
  2. Udemy
  3. Alison (Preferred by Coding, IT, science students)
  4. Google Digital Garage (Digital Marketing best option here)
  5. Oxford Home Study
  6. Open Learning.
  7. Microsoft Run
  8. NPTEL
  9. Facebook Blueprint
  10. Saylor.org
  11. Free Code Camp
  12. edX
  13. Udacity
  1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is one of the foremost well-built up and trusted online course providers. It made it into the #1 position since, in my conclusion, they cover all the bases. Firstly, they have one of the biggest catalogs of online video courses. Secondly, their courses are instructed by confirmed industry experts, so understudies know they are getting important and dependable data.

linked learning free courses

They give one-month free trial courses on their website in which you can apply for any subjects from cloud computing, IT, Audio and music, etc. These courses give you a free certificate too.

Go through their courses from here.

  2. Udemy

Another addition to this list is another well-established supplier by the title of Udemy. Whereas this supplier overwhelmingly gives courses for an expense, Udemy moreover includes an awesome extend of free video courses to select from. As an included reward of selecting from one of their free online courses, clients can moreover download and print a certificate of completion once done (it is sent through e-mail).

The teaching is done is reputed teachers and you can go through with some subjects like Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, Python, etc.

Visit the site from here.

  3. Alison

Alison works more as a stage that organizes hundreds of free courses accessible all over the internet. Some of their most prevalent course categories are IT, commercedialectswellbeing, humanities, science, showcasingway of life, math, plan, web advancement, and more!

As a surprising case, they also mail you the certificate of completion. If you pay them a little amount they will also send the hard copy to you.

Visit their site from here.

  4. Google Digital Garage

Google moreover encompasses a full-fledged course stage for online learning. As for the price, it’s free Most of these Google Advanced Carport courses are totally free with included modules, no time limits, boundless get-to, and videos. You can learn Digital marketing, social psychology, Big data, etc from the course. 

Enroll in your favorite courses from here.

  5. Oxford Home Study

This provider is better known for their diploma distance education courses, they also offer up a hand full of free online courses.

This small selection of free courses (15 in total) includes a free certificate with no hidden fees or nasty surprises. Simply sign up, start learning, then receive a certificate of completion once done. You can choose from a variety of courses such as business management, customer service, PR, hotel management, etc.

Visit the site from here.

  6. Open Learning

This website is relatively new but its popularity has surged in the past 3 years. Whereas Open learning offers basically paid courses, they moreover do have an incredible lineup of free courses to select from. As for the free certification, it totally depends on the third-party supplier who is running the course.

But in most cases, they do supply a printable certificate, but clients will burrow through their library of classes to see which ones do.

Visit their website from here.

  7. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft moreover offers up their possess online learning stage for those needing to exceed expectations in their abilities and work prospects. While the Google classes are broader, Microsoft Learn centers as they were on Microsoft itemsframeworks, and computer programs.

Most of the modules and classes rotate around Purplish blue and Flow 365 with numerous varieties depending on whether you’re fledgling or progressed client. All the courses give out complimentary certificates too.

Check out their website here.


National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is an Indian online learning platform for university-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects. You can learn complete engineering online for free from IIT professors. It is jointly developed by the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science.[1] The initiative is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India. The project’s central idea is to put recorded lectures taught by its member institutes online for open access.

Check the course here.

  9. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook as well as a broad library of free courses, preparing, and classes for those utilizing their online properties. What makes this stage distinctive from the rest is that understudies can take any of the 400+ miniaturized scales, online classes. In any caserather than right away getting an accreditation or certificate, understudies will embrace a broad exam to appear what they’ve learned.

After giving the exam you will get a free certificate of completion.

To Visit the Website click here.

  10. Saylor.org

Established in 1999, Saylor has made a difference in 100,000’s understudies to pick up businessdevelopment their careers, support their capabilities, and upskill for free. Being a non-profit organization, Saylor is at an unimaginable stage with over 323 charge courses to select the frame.

Whereas nearly each other course supplier on this list has video course substance, Saylor is laid out in a more course reading wayUnderstudies go through each chapter and after that answer a test to advance within the course.

To Visit the Website click here.

  11. Free Code camp

Free Code Camp helps unused clients get to memorize coding and stages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, GitHub, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js. On the beat of a broad lineup of specialties, Code Camp moreover has thousands of free recordings, articles, and intelligently coding lessons!

Well, whereas you’re learning these new aptitudesyou may too be required to code websites and programs for non-profit organizations. Once clients have put within the hours, understudies can at that point embrace the underneath exams to pick up their certificates and capabilities.

To Visit the Website click here.

 12. edX

All up, there are over 1,000+ free courses to select from which extend from computer science, dialects, history, information science, commerceadministration, and more. If you’re looking to go a step in advance, edX moreover has MicroMasters, Master’s Degree, and Recognitions to select from. Which do come at a price. For their entry-level courses, they are totally free!

The as it were drawback is that students will pay for a certificate upon completion, which comes at a strong cost of around $50-$300 depending on the course.

Visit the site from here.

  13. Udacity

 Udacity focuses on the latest tech skills including artificial intelligence, programming, data science, digital marketing, and more.

Being focused on these areas, Udacity is able to give an in-depth curriculum on each of their courses. As an added bonus, Udacity also has 233 free courses that users can undertake.

unfortunately, these free online classes don’t have any certificates included. Users will instead have to upgrade to the Nano Degrees in which a certificate is provided.

Visit the site from here.


Hope you have been relieved of the free online courses with certificates tension after reading this post. If you like this post, then feel free to go through more posts like this from our page from here.



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