Hello Readers! You can earn money from the Internet in many ways in today’s world. One of the ways is writing articles for various websites. The topics can vary from news, politics, entertainment, sports, etc for various platforms. One such way is to earn money by writing for one such platform i.e. DailyHunt. So, today we are going to discuss how to earn money from DailyHunt. You can also complete the small wishes in your life by earning money from DailyHunt.

What is DailyHunt?

Dailyhunt is an Indian content and news aggregator application based in Bangalore, India. Dailyhunt’s parent company is Verse Advancement, which was established in 2007 by Virendra Gupta. It employs various people of all ages to be their creators and pays them to write various articles for them.

How to be a DailyHunt Creator?

The job of a typical DailyHunt Creator is to write articles on various topics and submit them for approval on the Dailyhunt website. The process of joining the Organization is quite easy and is completely free of cost. The amount of money you will make from DailyHunt will depend on the relevancy of the post and the number of correct hashtags you will put with your text. So, put your nerdy glasses on, and let’s get on with the knowledge!

The following are the steps to register to be a creator in DailyHunt

Step 1

Go to your browser and search for DH creator and click on the first link. Although for your ease we have put the link with our article. Simply click here to go to the page.

how to earn money from DailyHunt

Step 2

You will be asked to create an account, the options being with Google, with your personal phone number, or with Facebook. So, complete the registration and you are good to go and you will get an OTP on your phone number.

 Step 3

After making the account you will have to specify your name, Date of birth and give a profile picture. Your profile will take up to 7-10 to get verified and after that, you can make the post to earn money.

Step 4

You will see on the right side of the dashboard “Create Post“, click that to make anew post. you can also check on the left side of your profile that the number of posts you have created, the number of followers gained, and also the number of comments your post has received on the DailyHunt app.

Step 5

You can create posts such as an article, a video, a meme, etc to post on the app. The method to create an article is easy as there is a heading space on which you will write the post title and below the post’s specifications.

Step 6

While writing the article you can add pictures to it and add external links too, depending on your relevance. after writing the article, you will be taken to the “Publish Post” page where you add the Thumbnail of the post and mention the genre of the post. Finally, you have to put Hashtags on the post. Remember that the more relevant hashtags you use your post will get more reach among various viewers.

Step 7

Finally, after your profile gets verified by the DialyHunt authorities you can post it and get your money’s worth.


So we hope we have satisfied you with the knowledge on how to earn money from DailyHunt. It is quite easy process and hope you have liked this post. If you like this post, then feel free to check out more posts from our website from here. Good luck in the future!


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