5 Most Asked Questions You Would Encounter In An Interview.

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Think if you are in a job interview and employers ask you why should we hire you? What is your main weakness? like many common Interview questions, if you are prepared most probably your answer will be the wrong way. it could be a reason for a bad impression in front of employers.

That why it is very important to prepare these all tricky common interview questions to get your dream job.

Let’s Explore one by one. 

# 1. Tell me about yourself.

This very comments interview Question Most of the people answered in the wrong way


  • Hey, it’s already in my resume, please check it out. ( Don’t ever do that! )
  • My name is ABC, I am from LA, My father’s name is XYC, my mother’s name is ABZ. ( Get ready to be rejected. )

Good Way

  • I am ABC, graduated from XYZ University, with a B.Tech Computer Science degree. (The appropriate year ). I have 3+ years of expertise in AI ( Your experience if any ).
  • ( If you’re a freshman looking for a job, then ) I am currently looking for a job to feed my passion, and looking forward to learning more skills.

# 2. Why should we hire you? – Common Interview Question 

This is a very smart interview question, You have to present your self ( use your selling skills to sell your self )


  • Because you’re hiring 😉 ( kill your sarcasm )
  • Because I am the elder sibling in my family. I have a sister, and I am responsible for her marriage. ( It simply won’t work -_- )

Good Way: 

  • A wise man or woman would prefer assets over liabilities, so do you, I guess. I would prove myself as an asset to this company, only if I am given a chance. My dedication to my work, and my loyalty, would be enough to prove that I am the right person you’ve been looking for.

# 3. Why do you want to work with us?

This is a very popular question to check your attitude is learning or not.


  • Because I have a family to feed 🙂 (Rejected.)

Good Way: 

  • (Ditto). A Wise man or woman would prefer assets over liabilities, so do I. I value your company more than anyone else, and I believe it would
    offer me an atmosphere where I can new skills daily, unlike the other

# 4. Why do you took a one-year gap in your resume?

If your gap is just because you were jobless for the last year. Don’t say directly I was jobless.


  • I have been preparing for government exams. (This is the worst thing
    you can tell in an interview. They will in turn ask you about the results,
    and you’re certainly not get selected that’s why you’re here. No one would
    prefer someone who is giving up easily.)

Good Way: 

  • I felt that I should invest some time on my personality and skills, as it is
    my most valuable asset. I just decided to utilize one year of my life to
    the fullest, so that I could shape the rest of my life.

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# 5. How much salary are you expecting? – Common Interview Question 

This is a very challenging question always be prepared for what you have to say.


  • 80k per month. (Screw you)

Good Way: 

  • am anticipating a decent amount of salary that I deserve, so that I
    don’t have to worry about my salary, and focus on my work with
    dedication. It should yield profit for both of us.

There are more than 30+ most asked common interview question you can learn from quora

Hope this article will help you to prepare for your next job interview.

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These are the 5 most tricky comment interview questions – Definitely, Hr will ask with you. I have shared the correct way to answer to impress employers


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