Want to learn the most in-in-demand skills in Hindi for Free. Today I am going to share the top 5 free learning sites of India. Here you can explore courses on almost all domains like design, IT and Software, Marketing, Mechanical, Soft Skills, and many more.

There are lots of sites for free courses site on the internet for the problem is there are very few fee learning sites that provide free courses in Hindi with free certificates. Let’s explore one by one.

List of top 5 free learning sites of India (Get free courses in Hindi)

  1. LearnVern
  2. Great Learning Academy
  3. Eskillindia
  4. StartupIndia
  5. ElearnMarjkets

#1. LearnVern

In these 5 Free sites no 1. Is Learnvern. It is the best website to learn all the most in-demand skills for free in Hindi. You can learn to complete digital marketing, data science, WordPress, java, python, photoshop many more. There all courses are professional from top experts in their field. You can download the Learnvern android app.

Learnvern free learning site in hindi

  • Free Tutorials  (Learn Every Course for Free at your own Convenience.)
  • Certificates  (Receive a Certificate of Achievement @ 499)
  • Live Projects   Execute Live Projects Online with Expert Developers)
  • Many Languages ( Learn in your own Language (Hindi, English).


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#2. Great Learning academy

In our list, Great Learning comes in 2nd Number because here you can get free courses with free certificates on topics that are in very high demand in the industry today. Domains like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Cloud Computing in Hindi & English.

The content is top-notch quality as it is in collaboration with Universities like Stanford, Purdue, Texas McComb, etc. These courses are listed on the AICTE website.

After you register for free, you don’t just get access to high-quality courses but also timely live interactive sessions. These live sessions are of the following type:

  • Live Interactive Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Live Interactive Concept Building Sessions
  • Live Interactive Career Guidance sessions with Industry Experts and Alumni
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#3. EskillIndia

This learning portal launched by the Indian government for skill and development. Here you can learn lots of courses in Hindi for free. You can get free of cost certificate for Eskillindia. The best part of this learning portal is lots of categories, even you can learn how to form vegetables.

eSkill India free courses

Apparel, Made-Ups & Home Furnishing
Beauty & Wellness
Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
Electronics & Hardware
Furniture & Fittings
Gems & Jewellery
Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance, and Communication

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#4. Startup India 

Here you can learn business-related free courses in Hindi. This very popular site in India for startups and entrepreneurs. You can learn how to start a startup in Hindi. It is also launched by the start India program. There are more than 60+ Free courses on this free learning portal in different categories.

Accounting & Finance
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Data Analytics
Enterprise Risk Management
Information and Technology
Management & Strategy
Soft Skills
Supply Chain

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5. ElearnMarkets  

Here you can learn the stock market, excel, investing skills, etc. for free in Hindi. This website more than 7 + Free Courses.

Here is all the free courses list for learners.

  1. Career Opportunities in Finance
  2. Get introduced to Bitcoins
  3. Government Financial Schemes
  4. Common Sense Investing\
  5. Technical Indicators-Learning Module
  6. Come Let’s Invest – A Beginner’s Guide etc.

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Hope This article will help you to learn for free in Hindi.



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