Top 5 Sites for Android app Development 

1. Learn Android Application Development

Usually, one of the foremost comprehensive courses to memorize Android application improvement with 27+ hours of substance. The course not fair educates you Android but also Java programming. On the off chance that you’re thinking of beginning Android advancement with Java, at that point usually, the idealized course for you. In this course, first, you’ll have a great diagram of Java and after that set up the Android improvement environment by downloading and introducing Android Studio. 

2. Become an Android Developer from Scratch

This course is often to one of the foremost well-known Android courses on Udemy, with over 341,499 students as of now enlisted in this course. It’s too not fair a brief 30 minutes course but contains more than 11.5 hours of quality fabric to instruct you Android. The course is additionally exceptionally hands-on. You may learn to set up your claim advancement environment utilizing Android Studio. And also make, run, and investigate the application on both Emulator and device. If you need to become a proficient Android designer in 2021, usually the course you ought to.

3. The Complete Android Oreo, N, M, and Java Development

It covers both Android 8 Oreo and Android 7 Nougat. It too covers Android 6 Marshmallow, depending upon whether or not you need to memorize it. The course is additionally hands-on, and you may learn how to develop Android applications in Android Studio, the foremost well-known IDE for making Android apps. You may learn to form a extendexplore, run, and investigate conjointly explore a few alternate routes for dynamic development. At the conclusion of the course, you may moreover construct a “Quiz App” in Android. By and large, a fabulous course to begin with Android 8 advancement in 2021 without charge.

4. Android Fundamentals: Ultimate Tutorial for App Development

Usually, another awesome free course on learning Android on Udemy, the leading portion of this course is that it’s organized pleasantly to cover basic concepts of Android. Created by Eduonix Learning Solution this begins from the underlying Android engineering and biological system. That takes after it up with basic APIs and after that moving to complex and most recent APIs such as Sensors, Material Plan, and Information Storage. It’s moreover more up-to-date and covers a commonsense angle of Android improvement like tips to form your App more professional. To monetize your apps, and plan yourself for Android Work Interviews.

5. Start Developing for Android

This can be one of the primary courses you ought to go to on Android. It’s crucial and covers some essential essentials of the Android application advancement platform. In this course, you’ll to begin with learning how Android apps are organizedat that point download Android Studio to form the Hi World app. After merely, will expand the Hi World app to memorize center concepts such as drawables, dimens, styles, menu, and testing. The course wraps up with a list of the following steps for you to extend your Android information.


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